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Here’s A New Way To Skype From Your TV

By Chris Crum (3rd August 2012) Skype and Logitech have revealed the new Logitech TV Cam HD, providing a new product to make it easier for people to have HD Skype video calls from the living room. “Skype’s own research indicates that 40% of video calls are already taking place in the living room and […]

Mountain Lion Is Apparently Really Popular

By Zach Walton (3rd August 2012) We all knew that Apple’s new OS, Mountain Lion, was going to be popular, but we didn’t know exactly how popular. With stricter system requirements, it was going to be interesting to see how well Mountain Lion performed in its first week. It turns out performed better than anybody […]

Want Mountain Lion? Better Make Sure Your Mac Has the Right Specs

By Zach Walton (10th July 2012) I’m not the biggest fan of Apple, but I do commend their dedication to simplicity. I have to go through a long list of checks before I can install a new version of Windows or a new piece of hardware on my PC. Macs are just simpler by default, […]

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Continues To Gain Users

By Chris Crum (3rd August 2012) At Google I/O Google revealed Jelly Bean, the new version of Android (version 4.1). It has some new bells and whistles, but but you’d have to go back three versions to get to the one that most Android device owners actually use. Gingerbread, which came before Ice Cream Sandwich […]