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How to Use Skype Safely

Did you know that a recently discovered security flaw in Skype makes your location and file-downloading activity accessible to parties unknown? This flaw has brought home the point that no Web-accessible software or service can be truly secure. The very nature of software relies on a seemingly countless number of variables to be in perfect […]

Early look at Windows 8 baffles consumers

By Peter Svensson The release of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is a week away, and consumers are in for a shock. Windows, used in one form or another for a generation, is getting a completely different look that will force users to learn new ways to do things. Microsoft is making a radical break […]

8 Amazing Ways Google Glasses Will Change Education

Education is already seeing some major changes in light of new, cutting-edge technologies. Students can now access educational information from virtually anywhere at any time, and mobile devices are influencing some to flip their classrooms, changing the educational experience altogether. While current technologies are making waves, further changes linked to upcoming technologies may be on […]

How to Edit Songs for iPhone Ringtones

How to Edit Songs for iPhone Ringtones If you’ve got an iPhone, you probably already have iTunes on the computer that you use to sync your iPhone files. (If not, download iTunes) Then plug in your iPhone so it’s showing up in iTunes. I’m assuming that you may have a batch of songs that you’d […]